Introducing the ION Sparkling Water System    ... chilled, filtered, sparkling water on demand!

Ion Water Cooler Sparkling Water System

Available as a Floor Unit or Countertop Model

  • Ultra modern & contemporary unit
  • Sleek & stylish titanium & charcoal finish
  • Heavy duty cabinet design
  • Reservoir free, instantly chilled water
  • Resists dirt, stains and scratches
  • Built in cup dispenser
  • Germ free, recessed dispensing faucets
  • Energy efficient operation with sleepmode
  • Hot water feature
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Press a button to make sparkling water
How does it get so bubbly?

Enjoy an endless supply of clean, refreshing sparkling water at the simple touch of a button.

Just pennies a serving, ION transforms ordinary tap water by combining crisp CO2 micro-bubbles with ice cold, filtered water. The result is simply delicious./

Team together with fresh lemons or limes, mix with your favorite fruit juice or even drop in a variety of popular flavorings like MIO® or Crystal Light® and enjoy amazingly thirst quenching refreshment.

With no sugars or fructose added, ION Sparkling Water is the natural choice for a healthy, convenient and affordable alternative to soft drinks.

Glasses of Sparkling Water

Why You’ll Love The Ion Sparkling Water System

Freshly Filtered Water

Freshly Filtered and Reservoir Free

As opposed to other coolers, the ION is completely reservoir-free which means it never holds of stores drinking water that was filtered earlier. Rather, the ION uses a sealed and pressurized water line, filtering each glass of water instantly on demand. What does that mean for you? It means your water is always the freshest it can possibly be! The ION is all about clean, refreshing water and with commercial grade filtration, the ION changes normal tap water to pure refreshment free from contaminants and bacteria.

Instantly Chilled

Instantly Chilled with InstaChill™

By having the ION’s water pathway completely sealed it allows the water to be instantly chilled using the InstaChill™ system, which means your water is ice cold right before hitting the bottom of your glass. Other coolers chill the actual reservoir tank of filtered water and on poor quality units when the warm tap is used it warms the once cold water as well, meaning that the once cold water is now warm. Never a problem with the ION.

Hygienic Design

Hygienic Design

The ION also offers a recessed, BPA-free dispensing faucet, meaning that no bottles, hands or even mouths touch the faucet, reducing the spread of germs. This design allows the faucet to be easily removed and cleaned should it require a cleaning, but with the hot water mode, the faucet is practically self-sterilizing as 82 degree water runs through the faucet. With no stagnant water in the tank there is literally no chance for the growth of algae, which can be a problem in lower quality coolers and poorly sanitized product, the cooler is constantly moving, meaning no time for water to grow old or stale.

Energy Efficient

Green, Energy Efficient

As with all our product we have the distinct advantage of having no bottles. No bottles to recycle or throw in a landfill, no storing, lifting or replacing of any bottles ever again, that means a better future for you and the planet. The ION includes a sleep mode which conserves energy when not in use on weekend and company holidays, as well as overall less power consumption then a cheaper counterpart. A simple decision today can save enormous amounts of energy for tomorrow

Sparkling Water Slice

Sparkling Water

The ION, the same cooler that delivers ice cold water also can provide an endless source of Sparkling Water! If you’re not one who enjoys syrup filled drinks like Coke and Pepsi, than make the healthy choice and switch to Sparkling Water, the 100% natural refreshment. Add a twist of lemon or lime to induce a flavor sensation you would not believe, nothing quenches thirst more satisfyingly than a crisp cool glass of sparkling water with a twist of lime. ION uses a patented system for adding the carbonation that requires no electricity or even any moving parts. If you’re currently renting the ION from us, and are interested in upgrading to the Sparkling Water option, contact us today to learn how!

Hot water On Demand

Hot on Demand

The ION hot on demand is always ready whenever you are, with piping hot water for your tea, pasta or hot chocolate. No longer will you be wasting time nuking a cup of water, with ION the heater is kicked in the second you touch the button which keeps the hot water flowing even in high traffic areas. Having 80 degree water at your fingertips means no more waiting for water to boil, it opens up a world of possibilities for the lunchroom. ION is the perfect combination of filtration and instant hot water in one appliance.

What’s Inside

Inside view of Ion Sparkling Water System

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