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AQUARIAN PURE WATER CO. provides a total filtered drinking water management service that saves you money, time, and hassle with our:

Turnkey Water Cooler Rental Solutions

Water Cooler Products

The Best Equipment Service Records in the Industry

AQUARIAN proudly uses North American equipment that meets or exceeds industry standards and is certified by UL and the CSA.

In almost 20 years in the business we have yet to experience any major deficiencies we couldn’t rectify with a service call.

Tailor Made Systems to Meet Your Needs

Bad design can make or break your filtered water system.  Poor planning results in:

  • Dirty coolers
  • Running out of water during busy times (i.e.  lunch)
  • Water not cold enough
  • Taste complaints
  • Drip tray overflow
  • Slow water flow

We’ve seen it all in the course of remedying competitor installations.  But these annoyances can be both fixed and prevented.

AQUARIAN notes your staff number, usage, usage patterns, and facility structure when we design your filtered water cooler configuration.  This is one of the key reasons to choose AQUARIAN over our competitors – tailor made solutions and great design that deliver.  You’ll find our systems not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

Bottleless (Point-of-use) Water Coolers & Dispensers

No Water Jugs, No Water BottlesA full range of bottleless water coolers:

Service Packages

  • Complete Turn Key Solutions for all types of equipment
  • Routine Filter Changes
  • Replacement Parts

Hassle-free Contracts

We have agreements not contracts.

We will try and accommodate your needs with your unique situation taken into consideration and unlike our competitors there are no punitive measures taken to enforce our agreements.

Quarterly Pricing, Service Plan Included

Pricing is fixed, flat, all-inclusive and paid quarterly.  There are no hidden costs associated with our bottleless water cooler or point of use water filtration systems.

  • Installation is INCLUDED.
  • Replacement filters are INCLUDED.
  • Filter changes are INCLUDED.
  • Service calls are INCLUDED.

All backed by our Service Guarantee

Free Trial 30 Days - Bottleless Water Coolers.

Contact us to request a quote or proposal.

Responsive & Proactive Maintenance Services

Parts and Service for Water Coolers & Fountains

  • Replacement Filter Cartridges
  • Filter Changes
  • Interior and Exterior Unit Cleaning
  • Complete Unit Replacements
  • Replacement Parts
  • Water Testing
  • Service Calls

Preventive Maintenance

AQUARIAN PURE WATER has programmed maintenance carried out by our technicians on a tailor made schedule to suit your requirements. This ensures your filtered drinking water system is working at maximum levels at all times.

  • Complete sanitization visits every 6 months
  • Replacement filters
  • Computer tracked and scheduled
  • Security conscious (regularly scheduled with notice given)

Having problems with your present equipment or service provider?

AQUARIAN has the solution if you have problems with your present equipment.

We don’t go looking for these situations, they come to us because of AQUARIAN‘s proven track record of success in remedying problem systems or service by the competition.

Contact us with your toughest water problem.  We can help.

Easy Installation FAQ

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Anywhere you can run a data cable, we can run to your water source.  It’s that easy.

How many Staff do we need for a Filtered Water Cooler?

The rule of thumb is 2-10 staff deserves a filtered water cooler.  We can install one or two coolers in an office or a hundred coolers into a building.

Do we need a water source next to a Bottleless Water Cooler?

NO.  The distance between the cooler and a water source may be two to three feet or as much as one thousand feet apart from each other.  Each of our water coolers is self sufficient (stand alone independently).  All its working parts are inside the cooler itself.  Depending upon the water cooler size (average size is 1 foot square) it doesn’t take up much floor space (especially when you compare with the valuable square footage required to store a water company’s bottles of water).  Anywhere you can run a data cable, we can run to your water source.  It’s that easy.

How long does installation take? Will it be noisy? Messy?

When we are installing the systems you hardly know we are there as we work quickly and quietly trying to avoid any messes and not to disturb the work place.  We can usually install a water cooler in under a half hour.  When finished, we leave the work place in a clean and orderly condition.  Because of our unique situation of having everything built into the cooler itself, you don’t have tanks taking up extra space and pipes showing.  Typically it takes under half an hour to install our water coolers, no pipes will be cut and there is no copper piping or soldering involved.  Anywhere you can run a data cable, we can run to your water source.  It’s that easy.

How much is installation?

Standard Installation is Included with your Service Agreement.

Will it affect our property agreement?

Absolutely not. Our bottleless water coolers and filtered water systems are designed to be easily installed or removed.  If you change business addresses our systems can be moved to your new location.

As Easy as Running a Phone Line or Data Cable.  No Mess.  No Fuss.

Service Guarantee

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Over the course of the last 16+ years we have been tested on a daily basis by our valued partners and always found to be superior to our competitors.

Our Service Guarantee ensures that when the system needs tending to, it doesn’t cost you money or time.

Our Promise

Our Promise to you is that when you place your trust and confidence with AQUARIAN PURE WATER COMPANY we will go to great lengths to make you and your organization 100% fully satisfied.  We will endeavour to answer your calls and emails in a prompt, courteous manner and treat you as though you are our only customer.

Service Response Standards

We are always ready to answer your call through our helpful friendly support staff and expert installation and service technicians.  During normal business hours a person will answer your call every time.  Turnaround time is usually 24 hours.

Should you require assistance in the evening or on weekends please email us at service@apwater.com and expect our call and action plan within the hour.

Service Guarantee

If any of our North American made equipment or systems are encountering a problem or are defective expect an immediate response from our service team to rectify the situation, We WILL get the problem fixed ASAP so as to minimize any disruption to service.  If it requires us to switch out a system we have and will continue to do so.

Ongoing Education and Support

As part of our ongoing commitment to service we are happy to have the opportunity to speak with Health and Safety, Environmental Committees or stakeholders through our informative Lunch and Learns Q and A sessions.  An educated customer is our best client!

Looking Forward

We promise AQUARIAN PURE WATER COMPANY can help your company.  We are committed to our Service Guarantee because it means that not only do we provide a complete tailor-made filtered water solution that eliminates the headaches associated with Bottled Water, but that once you join our growing client base we will continue to partner through regular scheduled visits.

Your Standards are Our Starting Point.

Need more information?

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Our qualified and trained Water System Specialists will be pleased to answer your questions.   CLICK HERE.