Under Sink Point of Use Water Filtration Systems & Chillers    ... for Office, Commercial Toronto & GTA

POU Water Filtration System

When floor or counter space is limited, Aquarian under sink / under-the-counter in-line water filtration systems and chillers offer a low cost solution.  Our customers are thrilled with the benefits these inconspicuous, space-saving systems:

Our compact under-the-counter water filtration systems provide a continuous supply of purified drinking water and work in tandem with Aquarian under sink chillers.

Water Filtration System Options

Extruded Carbon or Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems

Aquarian under sink chillers and POU water filtration systems contain the same highly advanced point of use water filtration technology as Aquarian’s floor standing and countertop models.  Available with extruded carbon block or reverse osmosis filter systems.

Easy Installation

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The Aquarian Point of Use (POU) under sink system installs under your counter, inside your cabinet or enclosure, with a certified food grade, BPA-free plastic water supply line connecting to a countertop faucet.  This necessitates a hole drilled through the countertop and the installation of one of Aquarian’s stylish faucets.

Note: Adequate ventilation is required for best performance.  In most cases, the installation of an electrical outlet, in close proximity to the unit is also recommended.

Like all top quality Aquarian products, our under sink water filtration systems are built to withstand years of high volume usage and feature state of the art filters and fittings.

No Mess.  No Fuss.  Read our Easy Installation FAQ

Under Sink Water Chillers

POU Water Filtration Chiller

No External Water Cooler Necessary

Aquarian’s under sink water chillers are easily installed in cabinets and cupboards in tandem with an Aquarian advanced water filtration unit. The chilled, filtered water is then supplied via a stylish faucet on the sink-top.

Cold water capacity options range from from 2 to 25 litres per hour.

  • Whisper quiet
  • Adjustable thermostats
  • Hermetically sealed compressor
  • CSA certified
  • Energy saving, economical
  • Compact, convenient
  • Easy to install

Superior to bottled water coolers and drinking water delivery services

No Water Jugs, No Water Bottles
  • More hygienic
  • More environmentally friendly
  • No lifting of heavy, awkward bottles
  • No cleaning up of spills that occur when loading bottles onto cooler
  • No storage of both full and empty bottles
  • No worry of running out of water
  • No bottle recycling
  • No bottle disposal
  • Filters all cold water without slowing flow rate
  • Compact, space saving and convenient
  • Easily connected directly to your existing water lines
  • Enhances hygiene, improves taste and odor

Need more information?

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