Water Filtration & Purification Systems: Reverse Osmosis & Extruded Carbon Block Filtration

Glass of Fresh Water

Water’s Journey to You

Canadian standards for drinking water are derived from imperial and international standards and involve the use of chlorine to ensure the safety of city water.  Our drinking water begins its journey as rain and snow from nimbus and other classifications of clouds, then flows from our great Canadian lakes, rivers and springs to reservoirs and water intake plants for treatment.

While chlorine keeps the water safe during its journey through the pipes it should be removed prior to consumption by filtration to remove its undesirable tastes and potential negative health effects.

Aquarian’s extruded carbon filtration and reverse osmosis systems
dispense pure water – and nothing but water.  Impurities, tastes and odors are removed, leaving crystal clear pure blue water.  Filtered water has been shown superior to spring water.  It’s the best in its class.  So when you think about it and do some research you will come to the conclusion that whether you want great tasting water, coffee or tea, filtered water is the way to go !!

Reverse Osmosis    Water Cooler Filtration Option

Reverse Osmosis: The Ultimate in Drinking Water Purification

For those who require a greater degree of filtration reverse osmosis is the most efficient way to remove the largest number of contaminants commonly found in water. In this process, water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving pollutants and contaminants behind to be washed down the drain.  Your water cooler dispenser then provides you with hot, cold or room temperature filtered water.

Reverse Osmosis is the single most effective way to remove impurities from drinking water.  Dissolved particles are removed by the RO filter – which effectively can remove most minerals (including salts), metals and many organic impurities from the water.  The filtered water is then forced through a final ‘polishing filter’ which will remove any remaining bacteria and objectionable odors and tastes from the water.

A Reverse Osmosis unit will provide you with clear, clean, fresh drinking water.  The process uses no chemicals or electricity.  It’s the most effective technology known for the improvement of drinking water and a low cost way to dispense pure, contaminant free water.

  • Removes everything but the water
  • Easily connected directly to your existing water lines
  • Can be conveniently located anywhere in your office, industrial, retail, manufacturing or warehousing workplace

Extruded Carbon Block Filtration    Water Cooler Filtration Option

High Performance, North American made

Aquarian extruded carbon block filters are manufactured in North America, to the
most exacting standards.  Activated carbon, made from carbonaceous base materials, creates filters that are highly porous and extremely uniform, providing high-performance adsorption and particulate reduction.

Extruded carbon filters remove chlorine, taste, odor, color and various other organic compounds, such as cryptosporidium and giardia cysts from water.

Extruded activated carbon filters meet exacting performance requirements and meet the stringent requirements of NSF International and other regulatory agencies.

Extruded Carbon Block – Superior to Granular Carbon filters

Other water cooler companies rely on low cost, low quality granular carbon filters for their filtration systems.  Aquarian’s Extruded Carbon Block filters have been rigorously tested and proven to outperform conventional granular carbon filters in every application:

  • No Water Jugs, No Water Bottleshigher adsorbent capacity
  • more contaminant reduction
  • decreased pressure drop
  • high dirt capacity
  • Elimination of carbon fines
  • Higher integrity and strength
  • Produces higher drinking water quality

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